Case Study - Dinette Seating for Winnebago Models

Our Partner

  • Winnebago Australia (ATL)

Vehicle and conversion type 

  • Iveco Daily new motorhome build

Seating system solution

MSF201/202 Motorhome Seat Frame used as the base seat design.  Includes removable cushions for bed use and slide-out bed extension system.  Soft trim appearance designed to seamlessly integrate into the clients existing interior colour schemes.  Seat orientation including Forward Facing, Reverse Facing and Side Facing.

The Techsafe Seating design team successfully developed, tested and managed the approval process of seating systems for a number of lay-outs including 6 Berth, 4 Berth and 4 Berth Slide-Out.  Tests were conducted dynamically with seats mounted to a replica vehicle frame.