Front Centre Seat

The front centre seat offers additional seating capacity for the all new Toyota Hiace H300.

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- Cabin Seating

TOYOTA HIACE H300 VAN 05/2019 On

Part Codes:

  • JH-LS-H300 (for vehicle models without centre console tray)
  • JH-LS-H300-C (for vehicle models with centre console tray)

Install Time:

  • 60 - 120mins


- Ships to installer within 7 business days


  • NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS - Engineers Certificate Required
  • QLD, NT - LK1 Mod Plate - Reference VSB 14 LK2 Design Certification Number 1093165
  • WA - Engineers Certificate Required (child rated only)
  • NZ - Accepted for use by LVVTA


Leg space dimension complies with VSB 5 Issue 3.0 - Revision 1 as a Category 1 Adult seat.

- This seat is compatible with Autosafe Anti-Vapour Partition.

- This seat is compatible with Toyota Genuine Cargo Barrier if the bottom mounts are moved back 55mm and new fixings created.  The installer is responsible to ensure any modification to the barrier does not negatively impact its safety or performance. 

- This seat is not suitable to be installed with Toyota Genuine Partition Barriers.

- This seat is not suitable to be installed with Caddy Anti-Vapour Partition.

- This seat may not be suitable to be installed with other integrated rear cargo area fit-outs such as refrigeration.

- Vehicles modified with this conversion and certified by an appropriate signatory continue to meet regulatory requirements for registration and use

- VSB 14 LK2 Design Certification Number: 1093165

- Not suitable for 7, 8 or 9 seat configuration changed to MA category

- It should be noted that any modifications to a vehicle, including the fitment of additional equipment or seating within a vehicle cabin, has the potential to affect any ANCAP safety rating, or similar, that has been claimed by a vehicle manufacturer. This rating is purely for consumer information and allows for comparison of vehicle safety performance under prescribed test conditions. It is not a mandatory safety standard required for homologation and supply to market. Vehicle owners and operators will need to make their own assessment in this regard with respect to their fleet safety requirements.

- The 1st row passenger seat must be permanently locked into its rear-most position by folding in the metal tab on outboard seat slide rail. Refer to Installation Notes.

- Available to body builders on request:

  • Installation and technical support
  • 3D CAD data
  • Full ADR and SSM homologation evidence


  • 3-point ELR seat belt
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Fold down backrest
  • Double ABS cup holders
  • OEM fit and finish with matching fabric trim
  • No child restraint anchorage




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